We get to eat some meat! We will break our “Daniel Fast” today after church. Three weeks of no meat, desserts, alcohol, coffee, etc. The best thing about it is that God grew us during this period. Wifey and I spoke at a marriage workshop yesterday and that is a huge stretch for us. We’ve served in our church’s marriage ministry for over 10 years, mentoring pre-marital and married couples. This entails use working couple on couple and in small groups where both of us are comfortable, but public speaking in front of many people has never been our thang.

We had to trust God and allow him to use us in a way that we weren’t comfortable with, which made us rely on him even more. In addition to us there were two other couples who God used to impart wisdom on how to divorce proof your marriage in today’s times. The workshop was a success!

My family is healthy and intact, God has used us to minister in a way that is new to us, I’ve seen some more inspiring artwork which has gotten me pumped to draw the next page of the book, and I get to eat meat! What more could I ask for?! I’m praising Him now and I’m ‘bout to go to church and praise Him some more!