Yep, Super Bowl Sunday is here! Today the largest television spectacle in the world will take place. Great football, halftime concert, and the best commercials known to man!

While every Sunday should be “super” for Christians, as that is usually the day that we participate in corporate worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we know that sometimes life can get in the way and take the “super” out of our Sundays. However, I believe today will truly be super for all of us!

There will be a Christian based Super Bowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow and his mother. The theme is Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life and the ad was created by Focus on the Family. Look at God! Jesus continues to make His presence known at this global event. Starting with Tom Landry, remember my first Christian comic was “Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys”. Then continuing with the likes of Kurt Warner, Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith, all who are outspoken about Jesus Christ. Now we can add Tim Tebow to that list, not as a participant in the game, but in a commercial! Jesus has transcended the game into the advertisements! I can just see the growth, this should be a yearly thing, there are enough Christian athletes, financial people, advertising people, and television people to make this happen. Praise God for using Focus on the Family to kick this thing off!

So let’s be encouraged and stand firm in our faith because today is truly a Super Sunday!