Dave Campbell
I’ve wanted to create a comic book since I was in the fifth grade. I actually embarked on this mission as an adult in 1999. At this time I realized that my assignment was to create a Christian graphic novel. However, I wasn’t able to move forward. I never drew a single picture…because I never finished writing the script. One thing I knew was that I couldn’t write this myself. I had acquired paralysis through analysis…eventually the raging fire that burned within me dwindled down to the intensity of a pilot light.

Fast forward to December 2007, in our Bible study I shared my desire to do a graphic novel. One of my study mates, Jeff, shared his desire to write creatively, as well as his interest in comics. The feeling in the room was so strong that before either he or I could say a word the other cats in the room said “Ya’ll need to get together and do something!” The crazy thing is that he and I had served together in the marriage ministry at our church for over six years and never knew this about one another. Can you say God’s time!

We have created this site so that you can go on this journey with us as we go about our Father’s business. Please check back every Monday to read the latest page and to share insights on walking with Christ.

Jeff Williams
I love great storytelling and I always wanted to tell stories of my own but I wasn’t sure what medium I wanted to use. I’ve always loved comic books but with absolutely no artistic talent I never really considered it.

We were in a men’s Bible study when David expressed an interest to do a graphic novel and a mutual friend suggested we collaborate. I know God put us together to work on this story.

We really want to tell stories that help young people navigate the world we live in and the many temptations they face. Most young people are told what not to do but I don’t see very many people discipling them and telling them what they should do.

With The Calling we wanted to follow a character who was working totally opposite of what God wanted and then heard the voice of the Lord. He then wants to do things God’s way but the circumstances around him didn’t support his new beliefs and this is our characters struggle. We hope it motivates young people who find the Lord but are struggling with the world around them.