Born Paulson Gray, SILK is the ring leader of the Pit Crew. Silk never knew his father but the streets of Cortown knew Silk, drafting him at an early age to follow his father’s footsteps. Consequently, Silk has had a ghetto pass all of his life.

After a life altering experience with GOD, SILK accepts Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Having been given the opportunity to join the special crime initiative, S.C.U.M.M. in lieu of to going to prison, SILK accepts an unorthodoxed undercover assignment.

SILK struggles to navigate his former world of corruption and his new life as a Christian. He questions if this life with Christ is worth it and wonders why GOD chose to use him, a criminal, for the advancement of His Kingdom.

Pharoah Jones, better known as BOUNTY, is second in command to Silk of the Pit Crew. Bounty is a ruthless individual who’s always eager to provide the muscle and bring the pain during the exploits of their crew. This dude believes he is the “Rambo” of the concrete jungle known as Cortown. Growing up in "The Pit" with a crack head mother has touched this brutha in more ways than one. Bounty has aspirations of moving the Pit Crew into new arenas beyond their imagination to gain money, prominence and ghetto fame. Although Silk is the only person that Bounty loves and will trust, he is constantly pushing Silk and the rest of the crew to new heights in this direction.

Hugh Patterson, aka BABY HUEY, is the youngest of seven children. Although he has a decent heart, it was inevitable that he followed his older brothers in the way of the streets. While growing up in "The Pit", Baby Huey was always the biggest kid. This served as a contradiction to his true character as people always expected him to be mean. So now he plays this up. “If folks are going to make me out to be this way, that’s what I will be”. But make no mistake, when called upon to handle some of the ruthless duties of the Pit Crew he follows through. However, he does so as humanely as possible and with a heart that is filled with pain.

Jamel Galloway, aka P-NUTT, is just that…a nut. He’s the kind of cat that talks a big game but is only down with whoever has the most juice. No one tries to benefit from Silk’s ghetto pass as much as P-Nutt …not even Silk. He’s selfish and when it comes down to it he doesn’t have anyone’s back but his own. However, he seems like a loyal member to the crew because he will do whatever you tell him too. They don’t know that his motivation comes from wanting to be in the good graces of whoever is in charge as opposed to crew loyalty.

ZOE PARKER has known Silk since they were kids. Once they reached adolescence they dated briefly. This was clearly not going to work as by now their lives were on two different paths, she was strong in her Christian faith and college bound while the streets of Cortown had already gotten a hold of Silk. Following Silk’s accident, she becomes one of the few bright spots in his life. She returns to “The Pit” to give back to the community which leads to her and Silk trying to rekindle the relationship they once had.

Hezekiah Gray (UNCLE EX) is also known to some as the “The Executioner” from his days of running the streets with his brother, Silk’s father, Cain. After living a ruthless life of crime, as the muscle for his brother Cain, Uncle Ex was incarcerated where he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. Since his release he has managed to live a Godly life, staying clear of his old ways while trying to set a new and different example for his nephew Silk. While most think it’s too late for the boy, Uncle Ex will not give up on him as he continues to share the word of God as well as his ghetto wisdom.

DETECTIVE HENDERSON will stop at no lengths to get his man. As a young boy, having lost his older brother the streets, he vowed to clean up the violence anyway he could. As a liason to the S.C.U.M.M program (Strategic Control, Urban Malefaction Management), Detective Henderson recruits Silk in order to advance the initiative on crime in his city.