In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti I encourage you to give whatever you can. I’m sure you are well aware of all of the organizations you can give to in order to provide monetary support as well as the various ways to do so, which include texting from your cell phone, so I won’t go into those. I simply say give!

If you don’t have money to donate then consider other ways to help like donating time. Many local churches are doing things to provide support so this may be a viable way for you to contribute. Remember every little bit helps!

I’ll also add this…remember to pray for everyone there. You may not know anyone from Haiti personally, I know I don’t, but we should still try to personalize it. I’m a member of a very large church and our pastor asked the congregation if they knew anyone who had been affected by the earthquake. Many people came forward and this put a “face” on this tragedy for me. It just makes it far less removed when the family member of a person affected by the quake is standing right in front of you.

So continue to pray, and give whatever, whenever you can!