I was just thinking about collecting comic books as a kid. We would go up north to Idlewild, MI and there wasn’t a lot to do so I would go to Lee John’s, the corner store, and get comics. I was introduced to my first Christian comic when I was about 12 years old. I actually bought it because the subject matter was football, but when I read it I was like “hey they are talking about God.” That just made the book better and I still have it 30 years later! It was called “Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys” and I believe the company that did Archie put it out. That being said, one would think that that since a major company was doing Christian Comics in the 70s, by now they would be readily available from many major publishers. Well, that’s not the case but there are still a lot of great works that are created to spread God’s word by many different writers/artists.

I’ve included a few links to some projects that are out or that are coming out soon. While they are quite different from one another, they share the common goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ! These are just a few suggestions, there are many more available, enjoy!

Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys – Just thought I’d attach a link so you could see the cover.

Eyewitness – A series by Robert Luedke that covers the lives of Christ and Paul. The story switches back and forth through time mixing the biblical stories we know with a current spy adventure.

Faithwalker – This is a series of Faith based Christian comics and related media that merge the comic book  adventure hero  genre with a biblical influence, created by Clint Johnson.

Serenity – This is a manga style series created by Buzz Dixon. It follows a teenage girl as she is introduced to, and learns about Christ.

The Servant – This is the story of a young teenage boy searching for his spirituality, created by Randall Clark.  

Armageddon – This is a series that reveals the mystery of biblical prophecy in a new way, created by Rob Liefeld and Phil Hotsenpiller.

Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) – This is an organization where Christian comic creators can come together and network.

New Creation Now – This studio creates Christian comic books and webcomics that are ethnically diverse and denominationally open.