I watched this video on Facebook called “satan’s plan” and the premise is that Satan’s goal is to keep us (Christians) so busy that we have no time left for God or our families. I have to say that this hit close to home. It mentioned debt and how we work crazy hours just to stay current. It mentioned today’s society with television, computers, smart phones, etc., and how our minds are distracted with too much information. It even mentioned things like positive activities for the kids that keep us constantly running. We all want our kids to have positive extra-curricular activities, but how much is too much?  For most families, in a typical day there’s no time for them to sit down and eat dinner together. I submit to you that dinner as a family regularly is priceless. OK, back to the subject at hand, I’ve attached a link to this video at the end of this post.

The enemy has a lot of subtle tricks and we need to have a regular, constant, ongoing relationship with God in order to recognize them. Our relationship with Christ is at the core of our being. God created man to worship, praise and glorify Him. So everything that we do in life should come back to those principles which are relational. God desires a relationship with us and I guarantee that once you build your relationship with Him you will see and feel differently. The trip thing is that once you have built a relationship with Him and you happen to slack off because of the business of life, you will see and feel that difference too. It’s like there is a void that needs to be filled when our relationship with Christ is missing. God is Real!

Here are a few suggestions. We should read and study the Bible regularly, daily is great! We need to spend time in prayer, praise and worship daily, throughout the day. In most cases this will require us to get up a little earlier or go to bed a little later, but it’s worth it. Additionally, I’ve found that drive time can be essential. It’s good to turn off KJLH, WJLB, or in my case sports talk radio, and commune with God on the drive. Oh yeah, we need to do these things when life is good not just when we are in a life crisis.

I’m looking to revamp my daily schedule right now and I encourage you to do the same in order to start, build, or enhance your relationship with Christ…He is waiting!

satans plan