As 2009 comes to a close I’m thanking God for everything He’s done during the year! Yeah, I’ve already thanked Him for what He’s done but when I think about everything I just have to thank Him again! God has blessed us in many different ways, but I would have to classify a couple of them as miracles. I call them miracles because these are times when God steps in and does something that does not fit normally with the way things work in this world, things that will actually blow your mind…so much so that only God can get the credit. There is no way that our minds can even grasp how what happened, happened, so you know it’s the hand of God that orchestrated the events. All you can do is praise him!

However, even if you didn’t experience a miracle, there are still tons of blessings that you can count. So I encourage you to look back and give thanks, too…let your praise for Him be continually in your mouth! With 2010 upon us the future is now, and God is always with us!

Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!