I started drawing pages for “The Calling” in February of 2008. I worked diligently and made a lot of progress only to see my production go down in the fall of 2008. Working a full time job only gives me evenings and weekends to work on the graphic novel, but I always find myself distracted in the fall. This is primarily because of two things, football and the new seasons of my favorite television shows, which I gain access to through the “dumb box” known as the TV. I do well December through August, but from September through November…it’s a struggle. This year, 2009, wasn’t as bad for me as last year but there is still a drop off in production. So I’ve implemented a few “rules” for myself. First, I limit myself to two scheduled games which are the Michigan game on Saturday, and either the Sunday Night game or Monday Night game, whichever one is the best match up for me. Whenever I’m drawing I have to turn off the TV…can’t even have it on in the background. When I get home intending to draw I can’t even flip to the TV guide to see what’s coming on later because I may not make it to the drawing board. Second, I TiVo my favorite shows so I can watch them at my leisure.

This basically works but I’m still weak at it, so pray for me ya’ll. I just need to turn that “dumb box” off so that I can work to my full capacity. Thanks for listening; I encourage you to identify those things (or people) that may work as a distraction when it comes to you fulfilling God’s call on your life. Cut them back, so that you can focus, not only in the fall, but the whole year round!